Making sure your template doesn't suck


I have just recently started learning about how to make templates responsive. I never gave it another thought before but now it seems like it's kinda important. Most templates nowadays are responsive and rightfully so, since humans have their noses stuck to some kind of mobile device most of the day.

I downloaded my awesome template from Beautytemplates but I changed it quite a lot, it is responsive however when I double checked it, it turns out the color of the menu is different from the one you see on bigger screens/computer. It's great that you can change the color in the template editor but unfortunately the color of the mobile menu stays the same.

How did I figure this out? I found Screenfly. Here you can check your website/blog and see how it looks on just about any device. The problem comes if you did find something you didn't like and don't know how to change it.. But then there is always the option to switch to Blogger's default mobile template, if Blogger is your platform, of course. ;)

Happy blogging!

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