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Here it is! My first design in a long, long time. It's a simplistic one, no fuss, all the focus on the content of your blog.

It's also my first one ever that's responsive. I am not a CSS-pro so I basically scrambled this together using tutorials. Your blog will work on all devices, but if you want the responsive mobile template and not the default Blogger one, you have to deactivate the Blogger mobile template on your dashboard. Also like I said, it's my first one. I've checked it on all devices and screen sizes and it does work, but see for yourself first before you decide to activate it. If you don't it will still work just as great with Blogger's default mobile templates.

Some features to make it stand out:

All black & white
Popular posts widget with big images
Customized comments section (and if you are familiar with CSS you can change it yourself easily)
Matching but discrete share buttons in every post


As always I recommend that you install it on a test blog first to see if you like it, before you change the template on your main blog. I'm not responsible for messed up templates. You download, you test it, you decide if you'll use it or not. Just saying. :) But you can be sure that I would never release a template for downloading if I didn't love it enough to use it on my own blog.



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